Introducing 3 new features for Downpay, the best deposit app for Shopify

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Since launching our beta in early April, we’ve been working closely with several merchants on incredible features to ensure that we can make Downpay the perfect fit for Shopify preorder and made-to-order merchants of all sizes. In just a few short months, we’ve processed over $300K for our customers and are nearing our public launch on the Shopify App Store!

Alongside the core functionality we’ve had since day one which includes secure payment vaulting, offering deposit payments on multiple products, and an seamless and performant Shopify admin and storefront experience, Downpay now offers additional functionality to enhance the experiences of both merchants and customers:

Enhance the Shopping Experience with customizable theme block features

Drive conversions with Downpay’s customizable themes 2.0 block features. Display release dates and payment method icons, creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces that captivate your customers. Craft a seamless and engaging purchasing journey tailored to their preferences.

Streamlined integration using Shopify’s Bulk Editor

Simplify your workflow by effortlessly adding multiple products to Downpay’s purchase options using our integration with Shopify’s bulk editor. Save valuable time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most- growing your business. Read more about Shopify’s bulk editor.

Variant level deposit options for further flexibility

Ensure flexibility for your customers on your most sought after product variants. Offer deposits on select variants to secure sales even while you’re sold out.

What merchants are saying about Downpay

The feedback has started rolling in and we couldn’t be more thrilled by the positive vibes. We’re merchant obsessed and can’t wait to have more stores offer partial payments with Downpay.

“Gamechanger. Favourite app we’ve ever installed. It’s been awesome for allowing us to release new products on pre-order. The ability to offer deposits is awesome and has allowed us to judge demand for new products. Dev team is always super quick to help and they’re really friendly. Would 100% recommend.”

Trashplanet, UK
A product page for pre-ordering a pair of sneakers with a deposit

“This is the PERFECT solution to all of the troubles I’ve been having with Shopify in the past 2 years. The app is so efficient and the development team is fantastic. I found that many of the other deposit apps on Shopify function as a “plug-in” which means that the deposit options don’t show up immediately on the product page, and this has resulted in some situations where my customers’ deposits didn’t go through properly. However, with this app, the deposit function is a block within the theme code which means that there is zero lag between the page loading and the deposit loading. 10000000% the best & safest app you should use to manage your deposits on Shopify. 10 out of 10 stars!” 

Deaf Adventures, New Zealand
Shopping cart showing amount due today and amount due later

With only a few weeks left of our beta, snag our 25% discount by installing Downpay today before our public launch.

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